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The Business

With experience since the DOS days, Cosmic Coder delivers custom software and consulting service solutions to business and enterprises of all sizes — spanning industry sectors including financial, banking, insurance and cable.

Led by Application Developer and Software Architect Ken Lovely, Cosmic Coder creates solutions that meet strategic business objectives, with a focus on areas of web development, Windows applications, service-oriented architectures and automation.

Utilizing agile methodology and behavior driven development, we rapidly convert requirements into scalable, extensible, and dependable working software based on the latest .NET platform.

Ken Lovely, MCPD, MCSE, MCTS
Chief Executive Officer

Ken is a hands on technology leader with an established track-record of successfully designing and developing multi-tiered enterprise applications and architectures. He specializes in developing WCF with entity framework to present the data-layer as a service. He has proven experience in bringing the benefits of test driven development to increase productivity and quality to the software development life cycle. He is primarily focused on Microsoft technologies and has experience in the financial, banking, insurance and cable industries.

In addition to data experience, he also has extensive experience developing Web, Cloud and Windows applications. He a strong believer in team work and can function as team leader, sole resource, team developer or business and technology liaison.


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Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were. – David Rockefeller

Utilizing Agile Methodologies and Constant Communications, Cosmic Coder has the solutions for you. We abide by modern software development methodologies to build robust software on time and on budget.

Our core competencies include custom software development, consulting services, project leadership, code review, and refactoring. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

Understanding Your Business

Your Future

Today's business is defined by constant change and increasing competition. As you strive to maximize your companies growth, you face more demanding customers, new regulations, and the effects of the newest advancements in technology. You feel the pressure to streamline, drive sales, and share information in real-time. If you do not keep up with the ever changing business environments and technologies your competition will pass you by.

With our business-oriented approach, we will help you drive your company in to the correct technology solution for today and years to come.

Web Applications

There is a lot of terminology thrown around when speaking about the web. The fact is whether internal or external, your web site, application or presence needs to be secure, functional and work on any platform.

Hackers don't care about how your site looks or functions, they only want to break in and steal your data. Some of your clients care about functionality, some care about how it looks, some care about how secure it is and others only want it to work on their mobile device.

We have the experience to make your site secure and functional on any platform. We make strong data driven sites that have passed penetration testing as well as usability testing.

Service-oriented Applications

SOA has been a buzz word for years. The fact is SOA is here to stay. Everything is going to the cloud; Database, web sites, applications are all cloud based. Software as service is the new reality. Every mobile application you download on your phone has a service layer to transfer data.

Whether you have embrased SOA or not; whether you have embrased the cloud or not; we are here to be your guide, your development team and your partner in your journey.


This is not your old SQL server. Terms like Big Data, Entity Framework and Data Warehouse are forcing you to worry about how you store and report on your data.

Document Databases have come a long way. They are the new norm and might be right for your business. With our expertise and our experience we can help you plan, develop and nurture a data design that will out last all the changes in technology.

We are data experts. We understand data modeling, data storage, reporting and development. We will mentor your team and train them to secure your future.


The cloud is nothing more than a server farm that is co-located. It is secure, it is proven, it can scale up and down at will and it is yours to start using.

Whether you start slow or dive right in. Moving your business to the cloud is the best way to grow without ever having to put money into your own infrastructure again. You can collocate between your own environment or you can have your entire infrastructure in the cloud.

We have the experience, we have the knowhow and we have the power of Microsoft behind us. Let us show you how Azure can take your business to the next level.


We have gone from paper to fax machines. From floppy drives to network drives. From green screens to color displays. Today we have left cell phones behind to mobile. Most of us have some form of smart phone or tablet. In fact, many of us are walking around with 6 and 8 inch phablets.

Your web application must work on the web as easily as it does on a mobile device. We can help you drive business through these devices. We can show you how to program one application that works on ALL devices. There is no longer a need to have and IOS, Android and Windows development team. One team, one language, one technology is all that is needed in today's world.


Most business processes can be automated. The first step towards automation is understanding the workflow. The next step is defining what pieces can easily be automated and what pieces will take more time.

Automation of inventory or cash flow systems is generally easy. Your business rules are already defined. Automation of workflow generally has a lot of complex business logic. We can help with this logic, we can help sift through fuzzy logic of any business process. We have the experience and we have the knowledge to help you make your company and your processes more successful.

Refactoring / Rewrites

Every 6 month technology changes. Applications that were written years ago might not be as efficient as applications written today. We can help you define applications that need to be rewritten. We can help define applications the need to be refactored.

Our expertise in redesign and refactoring into an object model generally makes a more efficient application. Our goal is always to make the code testable which results in lower production defects. We always use the latest technologies to program/reprogram your business processes.

Small devices and Lighting

We have the knowhow and experience to develop devices such as Arduino's, Raspberry Pi, DMX, E1.31 and ArtNet. We will help you get business lighting automation, display automation, Pixel's, RGB's, LED's or old fashion incandescent lighting controlled.

We can also help you with these small devices in getting machinery automated. Bottom line we are your source for all your development needs.


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